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Scott Land

Scott Land

What can I say about Scott Land?  I feel that the 3 of us (Scott, Jenn and myself) have spent enough time together over the past few weeks to not jsut have a professional relationship but a good friendship.

I first met Scott at a bridal expo in Newport Beach.  He had a photo booth he was including in his packages.  Jenn loved the photo booth idea.  When we got engaged we thought of some of our friends who could shoot the wedding, but really wanted them not to be working that day.  We contacted Scott and hired him the day we met for lunch.  He was our 1st interview and the one we wanted to shoot our wedding.  As luck would have it, he had Oct 16th open. I am sure that if he was busy that weekend, we might have had to reschedule the wedding.

Scott me with us several more times for brain storming and walk-throughs of photo sites.  All in all I am sure we met up with him 6 or more times.  Each time we felt more open and comfortable with his style of shooting and fun ideas.  Being photographers ourselves we knew some fun shots too and bounced ideas off of each other.

The day of the wedding him and his 2nd photgrapher John, did an amazing job.  I am very impressed with the photos so far.  Scott got some great angles of the ladies and John had some fun shots with the guys.  I can’t believe that he threw his camera in the air to get some photos of the big group of us.  The fun the wedding party was having was because of Scott’s fun photo ideas and wedding party’s willingness to do slightly crazy things.

At the reception Scott excused himself for a short time to edit some photos to put up on a 22″ iMac he brought.  It was fun to show the wedding guests the early day prep and other angles of the ceremony.  I can’t wait to see the reception photos.  After the night was over and he was off the clock, we sat down with him in Salt Creek Grille.  He had a fun full day with Jenn and I.  We felt the same.  It was a great day, awesome photos and I hope to use him in the future for my great photo session ideas.  Anyone know of a large water fountain to re-create the opening credits of FRIENDS?

I am more than happy to provide a glowing referal for Scott. If you want to use him for your event photography, go to

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