The Adventures of Jeff and Jenn McNeil » Florida 2012

Our Last Day of Vacation – Goodbye Miami

by Jenn

We are sitting at the Miami airport now, waiting for some charge stations to open up.  This morning was fun filled – woke up at 7am to catch the 7:07 sunrise.  After sleeping a bit more we went down for a yummy breakfast buffet complete with a huge omelet to share.  We relaxed in the room for a bit then went to Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami to stroll around the waterfront shops before turning in the car and coming here.  Haven’t taken a ton of photos today – but here are some:

Key West to Miami Beach

by Jenn

Today was nice.  Spent a lot of time in the car on the way to Miami Beach today.  It was good to kind of take a break but I am glad we got into Miami Beach in time to have some fun.  We walked about 3 miles down to the Art Deco District where we enjoyed some happy hour before the sun set and the neon came on.  Here are the photos:

Scuba Diving in Key West

by Jenn

Today was a blast!  We started with our quick pool refresher course and after lunch went out on the boat to two awesome dives where I played the rebel and took my waterproof to 10 feet camera down to 30 feet.  Glad I did, too!  We got some fun shots.  After that we ate some nachos for dinner, walked around a bit before sunset, and got some key lime pie to eat back in the room.  I am exhausted but here are some photos:

Naples to Key West

by Jenn

Thursday we drove from Naples all the way through the Keys to the southern most US city of Key West.  Yet another gorgeous sunset and some lightning to end our evening after exploring the town and getting completely DRENCHED in a sudden (shortlived) downpour.  We literally just said “screw it, lets keep walking” into the direction of the dark cloud – little did we know that if we waited under the eaves for all of 10 minutes like everyone else did, the rain would pass.  Oh, but it was fun!  Here are some photos from the day:

Our Last Night in Naples

by Jenn

While Jeff was at his party, I was lucky enough to see a beautiful sunset.  Passersby thought it would be nothing special as the clouds were dense near the ocean.  Sure enough, past about 6:45pm, I didn’t see the big ball of fire, but after it set, not only did it transform the sky into a rainbow of color, dolphins swam by!

Here are the photos:

Florida – Naples

by Jenn

Here for Jeff’s business conference – luckily we have been able to have some fun as well.  Tomorrow I have to spend the WHOLE day without my man.  I think I will be ok; the weather is nice and I have some time booked at the spa as well as a book I have wanted to read for years!  Here are some pictures of our time so far except the gorgeous sunset from tonight, I am loading those now and will post tomorrow.