New Focus on Jennifer McNeil Photography

by Jeff McNeil

Jennifer McNeil Photography LogoJennifer McNeil Photography – Orange County Maternity & Newborn Photographer

Renewed Focus on New Website

This month Jennifer and I have been really focused on her building a new website to share all the wonderful images of her maternity photos and newborn baby images with possible clients and pregnant mothers-to-be.  Building the website has been a long task and we are excited to launch it this month.  Jennifer McNeil Photography will be more focused on maternity and newborn photos than her previous sites in the past.  The photo galleries are updated with the best and most recent maternity photo sessions and we have updated the frequently asked questions and session planning information to be very helpful.

Maternity Photographer

As a maternity photographer, Jennifer prides herself on being able to work closely with pregnant mothers to be attentive to their wishes, wants and desires.  She makes her clients feel at ease during the photo shoot and allows them to shine in-front of the camera.  She creates beautiful images of mother-hood in any location, be it at the beach, local park or in the photo studio.  Maternity photography is the art of capturing the glow and happiness of being pregnant and Jennifer does such a good job that her reviews on these sessions are all 5 stars.  Trust Jennifer to take your maternity photos and you won’t go wrong.

Maternity Photographer Jennifer McNeil in Orange County

Pregnancy Photos at Newport Beach by Orange County Maternity Photographer Jennifer McNeil

 Newborn Photographer

Jennifer’s favorite session is newborn baby photos.  It can be in the hospital, in studio or in home, any way it happens, seeing those little feet and hands all wrapped up and wrinkly is such a joy to capture.  These precious first few weeks go by so fast, within 4 weeks newborns change so much in their feeding schedule, sleeping schedule and development.  It is best to preserve these slices of time with newborn photography by Jennifer McNeil.  Newborn photos are best done in a controlled environment for sound, lighting and temperature to soothe the baby into a very sleepy state.  That allows for re positioning and re-wrapping to create multiple looks and styles to let the parents choose from to hang on the walls.  So many times have parents said they wished they did newborn photos of their first born during the session of the second sibling.  Treasure your new baby for a lifetime with newborn photos by Jennifer McNeil Photography.

Newborn Photography Jennifer McNeil

Baby girl in purple wrapped with headband by Orange County Newborn Photographer Jennifer McNeil


We know it’s going to be a…

by Jeff McNeil

Today’s doctor visit was a big one for us.  We had a ultrasound done to confirm the baby’s due date and if the baby will be a boy or a girl.  The answer is…

It’s a boy!

We are so excited about having a baby boy! We will take him camping and traveling.  Teach him about nature and science.  Read to him and talk with him.  Jenn and I are so excited to know that he is doing well and protected by mommy.  Jenn is doing well and and we are deciding on names at this point.  It is hard because we have a few good choices but are trying to find the combination that just hits us right.  More news on the name later.

It’s official, I am Jeffrey McNeil

by Jeff McNeil
The McNeil Family Coat of Arms

The McNeil Family Coat of Arms

It’s official, I am Jeffrey A. McNeil.  I have received my new social security card, drivers license, passport and my name at work has changed all to Jeffrey A. McNeil.  Every now and then when I pick up the phone I need to make a conscious effort to say McNeil.  I even have to think about it when i write my signature for all my credit card charges and what not.  I sometimes slip up and write the old name, but they are becoming more infrequent.  It is interesting to hear Mr. McNeil at work or over the phone.  I relish the times I can say “Mr and Mrs. McNeil,”  that is always makes me giggle a little inside.

I am so excited to begin my new life with my lovely wife Jenn.  I am happy to be taking her family name and the lineage that comes with it.  I will be proud to have McNeil as my future son’s or daughter’s name (no plans for one in the immediate future).  In the past few weeks Jenn and I have been tracing our family trees back to the 1600’s using  It is truly a fun endeavour to see where your families arrived in the United States and how they got to be where you know them today.  I think it would be interesting to take a trip to Scotland and visit Jenn’s McNeil roots.  It would be fun to find old McNeil owned lands and maybe a castle.

My old family name didn’t have a coat of arms.  I always wanted to have one, so here is my new family coat of arms.  There are many coats of arms in daily use today.  The Seal of the Office of the President of the United State of America is one such example.  Even the pope has a seal as well.  Coats of arms identified armies in battle in the medieval times.  When a sovereign married he combined his family coat of arms with hers creating a whole new look that would unify both sides of the family.  The lion mimics the Royal Standard for the King of Scotland, the castle and water represent Kisimul Castle which has been in the McNeil family since the 16th century.  The ship stands for the seafaring nature of the McNeil clan, I guess that is where Jenn gets her love of travel. Finally the red hand symbolizes Naill of the Nine Hostages.  Naill was a Scottish lord and was denied the throne by his stepmother’s son.  Naill left the clan and began to form a band of men who took over 9 other clans before returning to claim the head of the McNeil clan.  From each clan Naill took one royal hostage to keep as tribute, hence the nine hostages