A Letter from Jeff’s Soul to Jennifer

To my love,

3 years, 10 months, 30 days and this morning, that is how long I have known that we were going to be together.  From the clear star lit night in Joshua Tree, I have known you were the girl for me.  I remember that night like it was yesterday, the faint glow over the horizon of Palm Springs and the bone chilling cold of the desert darkness.  I will always treasure that first night together in the back of the Jeep talking and taking photos until the early morning hours.

You and I started our path together as friends with a common passion for photography and it has blossomed into love of photography with a passion for each other.  I adore our photo books you make every year of the places we go and events we see.  It helps to show me how much my life has changed since you came into it.  I am happier than I ever have been, more fulfilled in life and love and most of all more confident in the future now that you are by my side.

I would not change any part of how we got to this moment here in Dana Point.  For I know that everything I was, everything I am and everything that I will be was meant to happen so that I could be with you for forever. I know not what is in store for us in the future but knowing you are with me means that everything will turn out picture perfect.

Over the past years I have seen the image of me in your family come more into focus.  I want to give back some of the love and support your family has extended me over the years.  I want to be part of the fun Uncle Jeff & Aunt Jenn summer vacations that George will take when he is old enough.  I am ready to be part of your family if you will accept me.

From Hawaii to New Orleans, Mexico to Seattle I know that wherever your soul goes, mine yearns follow.  I need you Jennifer McNeil.  I need you like the desert needs the rain.  I need you for all the starry nights we will have in the future.  I will follow you anywhere, and I will be sure to not forget the camera.

I pledge this to you my love, my wife, Jennifer McNeil with all my heart and soul


Jeff McNeil

Born in Irvine, grew up in Anaheim,child of the world. Married to the love of my life Jennifer McNeil.

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