Asia Day 9 – Missing Disney

by Jenn

And what really sucks is that I have no Annual Pass right now which means no Disney for me till our November trip to Florida.  Tough life right?

Woke up later this morning which was nice – had breakfast at St. Marcs – chocolate gooey croissant, yum.  Our day at parks could not have been hotter.  (Well maybe it could have been, but it sure was blazing).  I’ve gotta say I love that people here use umbrellas for shade.  It really helps me not feel like I’m on a spit getting charred.

Before the parks we went to the Fish Market – one of the largest in the world and you can tell by the smell.  I, of course, was wearing illegal flip flops so I got to experience the slime first hand – er – foot.  Yay!

After that was the Detached House Garden a short walk away.  I really liked it there – warm but plenty of shade and places to sit.  I imagine it would be beautiful in spring with blo0ming flowers in their two large gardens, but it was still lush and pretty.  We went up some cobblestone steps to the top of a hill for a look at the lake and tea house in the middle.  Tea wasn’t open yet, that would have been fun.  Next time.

Our third stop was at the Imperial Palace grounds.  Lots of it is off limits as it is the emperor’s home, but the surrounding areas give you a good look at his place and even the gates into the “off limits” areas are something to see. 

Thank goodness for the little building half way through serving ice cream and an air conditioned bench.  I thought I was going to crash getting hungry for lunch with my old achey back.  Sugar is wonderful and they could totally make a killing on those ice cream bars but they were excellently priced.

We trapsed through the East Gardens after that and out the grounds at the Northern end.  We decided to come back toward the hotel for lunch at Denny’s.  Way different than Denny’s in the states.  And my dessert of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, fudge, brownies, coco puffs cereal, chocolate shavings, banana, and whipped cream was amazing (sans banana – Jeff ate that).

Back at the hotel after a refreshing shower and figuring out what to do next.  Will post again if anything exciting happens.

Scratch that — never posted before we went back out.  Went to see the red bridge that I needed to see – yay.  Walked the grounds of the Koishikawa Korakuen Garden for about 30 minutes before coming back home.  Just have to decide on McDonald’s or Lion’s Beer for dinner now.  All packed for tomorrow: just need to get some souveniers in the morning, then hop on our $70 Limousine BUS to the airport.  Looking forward to endless movies in English.

Pictures from today:

Asia Day 8 – Disney Sea Rocks!

by Jenn

So I almost said no to going to a second Disney park in Tokyo — but I’m sure glad Jeff talked me into it!  The park is huge, but managable and there is great attention to detail and theming of different areas.  Really I now think everyone should experience it for themselves.

The morning started with a 20 minute walk to the park after our express metro ride.  It was warm but not bad.  Due to power cut backs, a lot of AC is off so it did get stuffy in some queues, but the park was significantly less busy than yesterday at Disneyland and with fast passes and shorter lines, we got through everything we wanted to pretty easily.

Only hiccup was that we decided to go light and bring one camera and it failed on us part way through so I got fewer photos of genie stuff than I would have liked to.  But dig this – there is a carousel in the Arabian Coast area gives you a chance to ride on multi-colored genies!  Bummed I missed the photo op for my sis, Jeff decided her and I need to make a trip back sometimes (he says he’ll watch George =P ).

Right before the camera crash was the awesomest parade/water show/performance I have ever seen at Disney.  Ok I take that back, but it was awesome!  10 water floats and jet skis and on the back of jet skis at one point was a second guy flying 5 kites at once, omg!  I can’t even describe it except to say it was a whole array of color and show with dancing and characters and I bet a whooooole lotta money went into it!

Food was also up to my Disney food standards – lots of cury – YUM – including cury popcorn which I loved but Jeff hated.  These parks are all about the popcorn.  Yesterday we had soy sauce and butter flavor, today it was cury, then caramel, and then strawberry (twice, because it was that good).  Um, why hasn’t DL California caught onto this amazing pocorn idea.  I’m convinced that anything will taste good on popcorn now – and I usually say I don’t even like the stuff!

Jeff’s most favorite ride of the day was Journey to the Center of the Earth, which we rode twice.  Starts out as a slow ride through, though beautiful, then gets all crazy and speedy and roller coaster-y. =)  The first ride we went on, with a 360 degree loop, was lame for as scary as they made it sound, but I must say it was smooth.  This park just had a lot of cool different things.

My favorite attraction was probably the Ariel show.  With dialogue in Japanese and songs in English, we got most of it – but everyone flys around above you as if swimming while you watch from the ocean floor.  Ariel’s whole land is underground which was a cool escape from the heat and was so cutely done with colorful lighting and rides.

On our way home we finally got to experience a truly packed metro.  Twice I thought “hmm, this is pretty full” and I was apparently wrong because more crammed in.  Didn’t have to hold on, just had to be squished in the swaying mass for a stop or two.  It was pretty fun. =)

We went to the 100 Yen store after that (Japan’s version of the Dollar Tree) and bought a few goodies.  I think Dollar Tree is better but this store is 4 stories and is pretty nuts.

Tomorrow we have decided to stick around here and visit some parks including the Imperial Palace.

Here are the pictures we managed to get today:

Disneyworld Booked!

by Jeff McNeil
Epcot at Disneyworld

Epcot at Disneyworld

WOOHOO!  Disneyworld has been booked!  Jenn and I will be there for a lovely 8 day seven night stay at the economical Disney All-star Music resort.  We have a 7 day pass to all the parks and will be spending tons of time on the rides and pin trading.  This will be the 5th and final Disneyland park we will have traveled to in 12 months.  The first was Disneyland Paris on December 30th 2010.  Second was Disneyland in Anaheim on April 10th 2011.  Our Hong Kong & Tokyo Disneyland dates are set during our asian country trip in late June 2011.  Disneyworld will be the last park to go to and then we will have been to all 5 in one year.  Call us crazy but it is just a good time in a great place.  I would like to say thank you all for giving to our Marriott Honeymoon registry.  That has really paid for 1/2 of the costs of going to all these fun places.  All Jenn and I have to pay for is the airfare and the hotels are free.  I will be posting more photos of our Disneyland updates as they come in.

The List: Table Questions

by Jeff McNeil
  1. What is Jeff and Jenn’s hotel chain of choice? (Marriott)
    Do you know them all?

    Do you know them all?

  2. Where was Jeff and Jenn’s first dinner date? (Salt Creek Grille)
  3. Where did Jeff propose? (West /or/ Hotel Angeleno)
  4. What TV show do Jeff and Jenn watch every night before going to sleep? (Friends)
  5. Name the two things Jenn collects? (Rubber Duckies and Barbies)
  6. On most weekends, Jeff and Jenn take photos of what? (weddings)
  7. Who is Jeff’s favorite Disney character? (Jessica Rabbit)
  8. Who is Jenn’s favorite Disney character? (Donald Duck)
  9. Why did Jeff and Jenn go to Albuquerque? (Hot Air Balloon Fiesta)
  10. Where are Jeff and Jenn going this December? (Paris)
  11. How many photos are on the walls of Jeff and Jenn’s apartment? (123)
  12. What was the first trip Jeff and Jenn took by plane? (New Mexico / Albuquerque)
  13. What was the first trip Jeff and Jenn took by train? (Seattle)
  14. What was the first trip Jeff and Jenn took by boat? (Mexico)
  15. What was the first trip Jeff and Jenn took by automobile? (Joshua Tree)
  16. How many states have Jeff and Jenn been to together? (12) California, Hawaii, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Oregon, Washington, Nevada
  17. What is Jeff’s middle name? (Anton)
  18. Whose car is cleaner? (Jeff’s)
  19. How many kids do Jeff and Jenn want? (One)
  20. What did Jeff and Jenn take photos of on their first photo date? (meteor shower)
  21. Who does Jenn sleep to the left of every night? (David Copperfield /or/ Viggo Mortensen – in a picture frame)
  22. Name two sci-fi shows Jeff watches. (Star Wars Clone Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Firefly)