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by Jenn

Thanks to everyone who filled out a tag with ideas of places to go or helpful tips.  Here are a few, and we would still love more ideas if you’ve got em!  =)

The List: Table Questions

by Jeff McNeil
  1. What is Jeff and Jenn’s hotel chain of choice? (Marriott)
    Do you know them all?

    Do you know them all?

  2. Where was Jeff and Jenn’s first dinner date? (Salt Creek Grille)
  3. Where did Jeff propose? (West /or/ Hotel Angeleno)
  4. What TV show do Jeff and Jenn watch every night before going to sleep? (Friends)
  5. Name the two things Jenn collects? (Rubber Duckies and Barbies)
  6. On most weekends, Jeff and Jenn take photos of what? (weddings)
  7. Who is Jeff’s favorite Disney character? (Jessica Rabbit)
  8. Who is Jenn’s favorite Disney character? (Donald Duck)
  9. Why did Jeff and Jenn go to Albuquerque? (Hot Air Balloon Fiesta)
  10. Where are Jeff and Jenn going this December? (Paris)
  11. How many photos are on the walls of Jeff and Jenn’s apartment? (123)
  12. What was the first trip Jeff and Jenn took by plane? (New Mexico / Albuquerque)
  13. What was the first trip Jeff and Jenn took by train? (Seattle)
  14. What was the first trip Jeff and Jenn took by boat? (Mexico)
  15. What was the first trip Jeff and Jenn took by automobile? (Joshua Tree)
  16. How many states have Jeff and Jenn been to together? (12) California, Hawaii, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Oregon, Washington, Nevada
  17. What is Jeff’s middle name? (Anton)
  18. Whose car is cleaner? (Jeff’s)
  19. How many kids do Jeff and Jenn want? (One)
  20. What did Jeff and Jenn take photos of on their first photo date? (meteor shower)
  21. Who does Jenn sleep to the left of every night? (David Copperfield /or/ Viggo Mortensen – in a picture frame)
  22. Name two sci-fi shows Jeff watches. (Star Wars Clone Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Firefly)

The Wedding Play List

by Jeff McNeil
The Dance Music
The Dance Music

For those who have been asking here is the song list for our wedding:

First Dance: “Two is better than one” by Boys Like Girls featuring Taylor Swift
Married Couple Dance: “Always and Forever” by Luther Vandross
Mother/Son Dance: “Hold Her Closer” by Blessid Union of Souls
Father/Daughter Dance: “Stealing Cinderella” by Chuck Wicks
Cake Cutting Song: “Only want to be with you” by Hootie and the Blowfish
Bouquet Toss Song: “Girls just wanna have fun” by Cyndi Lauper
Jeff & Jenn’s speech walk-up: “I want you to want me” by Letters to Cleo
Garter Toss Song: “Love in an elevator” by Aerosmith
Dollar Dance songs: “If I had a million dollars” by Barenaked Ladies, “Brand New Day” by Sting, “Complainte De La butte” by Rufus Wainwright