Disneyworld Booked!

Epcot at Disneyworld

Epcot at Disneyworld

WOOHOO!  Disneyworld has been booked!  Jenn and I will be there for a lovely 8 day seven night stay at the economical Disney All-star Music resort.  We have a 7 day pass to all the parks and will be spending tons of time on the rides and pin trading.  This will be the 5th and final Disneyland park we will have traveled to in 12 months.  The first was Disneyland Paris on December 30th 2010.  Second was Disneyland in Anaheim on April 10th 2011.  Our Hong Kong & Tokyo Disneyland dates are set during our asian country trip in late June 2011.  Disneyworld will be the last park to go to and then we will have been to all 5 in one year.  Call us crazy but it is just a good time in a great place.  I would like to say thank you all for giving to our Marriott Honeymoon registry.  That has really paid for 1/2 of the costs of going to all these fun places.  All Jenn and I have to pay for is the airfare and the hotels are free.  I will be posting more photos of our Disneyland updates as they come in.

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