50 Days and counting

by Jeff McNeil
50 Days and counting...

50 Days and counting…

We are now at 50 days and counting until the wedding.  It is starting to hit me as getting close.  After our friends Ryan and Kelli got married in Colorado I have been refocused on our wedding.  There is a lot to do still including the smaller parties for Jenn and myself.  Bachelor party, bachelorette party, wedding shower and rehearsal dinner are the main ones we need to pull together.

It also reminded me to call our vendors to make sure we have everything under control.   50 Days, 25 days and 7 days before I think are good benchmarks.  We have yet to really communicate with our DJ/MC & lighting company.  Types of music for the cocktail hour, first dance, anniversary dance and others.  There are a few songs you will not hear at our wedding. One of them you will not hear during the bouquet toss is going to be “All the single ladies” by Beyonce.

UPS, Fedex & USPS

by Jeff McNeil
What can brown do for you?

What can brown do for you?

In the last few weeks we have been getting packages from friends and family for the wedding.  Let me first say thank you to all of you who have.  Jenn and I have been filling out thank you cards left and right.

The most common scenario is that UPS leaves a sticky note on our door stating they attempted to deliver the package.  We appreciate those who have asked for a signature upon delivery.  That way the package is not left on our door step.  With Jenn’s new teaching position at Santa Ana Unified neither her or I will be home to sign before 4:30.  That is a good thing.  We can then pick up the packages from the mail UPS shipping hub and not worry about one going missing from our door step.

If you were wondering where we are registered, Jenn and I are registered at the Marriott Honeymoon website, Bed Bath and Beyond and Crate & Barrel.

Dude, Show Me Some Love <3

by Jenn

Props to those of you who have left some comments and voted on cake, etc.  We love getting some feedback whether it is about the engagement photos, about the venue, questions, anything!

So don’t be shy – give me a little sugar! (That’s what my grandpa used to always tell me =))

Engagement Photos!!!

by Jenn

Soooo excited that Scott posted some of our photos on his blog this evening!  I told him I’ve never been so excited to see photos of myself.  I look like a goof in some, but so does Jeff in others – I suppose that’s just us.  I’ve swiped the pix and put them here, but go to Scott’s page and read the blog, he’s frickin hillarious on top of all his awesome skills!   http://www.scottlandphotography.com/blog/

I found my wedding band!

by Jeff McNeil
Tungsten Carbide w/ Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay

Tungsten Carbide w/ Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay

Oh I am so happy.  I have finally found what I want.  I have found a tungsten carbide ring with a blue carbon fiber inlay.  From the reviews of the ring it should be a wonderful purchase.  I am glad Jenn found it for me.  I am very excited and can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail.  Woohoo!

It is 8mm wide, which is wider than my current ring at 6mm.  The website says it is beveled in the inside so it is slightly larger than the size 8 we ordered.  And that the tungsten carbide is 4x as strong as my current titanium ring I got for our 2nd anniversary. I am excited to have this ring for my wedding band and will wear my titanium ring on my right hand the day of the wedding.

On the hunt for a blue wedding band

by Jeff McNeil

 This weekend in Las Vegas was a more or less relaxing one.  There was not a ton of alcohol, nor was there a massive amount of partying.  It was mostly shopping for Jenn and her new teaching position.  White House | Black Market, Express and Victoria’s Secret (not for school) mostly.  We also looked for a wedding band for me.  I want something with a blue inlay of some sort or anodized with some blue.  However they have little to no tungsten carbide rings in stores and even fewer with blue inlays.  I find them all over the place online but not in stores.  WTF!

There was one ring at this Ultra Diamonds that I think would have been satisfactory, it was a bit heavy white gold and had sapphires and diamonds in it for… $7,999 marked down to $2,399.  “Woah! What a deal!” I exclaimed as I cut the sold brick of sarcasm I was carrying that day.  I am sure it was overpriced even at $2,399.  Every piece the salesman pulled out was WAY overpriced at MSRP and then their 80% discount brings it down to a slightly overpriced piece.  I could find a similar ring for around $1,200.

The point I eventually got to was, that I am not going to spend more than $400 on a ring for me.  I refuse to have a ring that expensive.  I don’t need diamonds, I don’t need gold, I don’t need sapphires. I just want some tough metal with a blue inlay.  I think Jenn and I are going to go online tonight to find what might work.

Hot Pink Shirt, Yellow Jackets, Red Light

by Jenn

Yes, we are color freaks… and yes, Jeff, I love yellow… but this does not mean I think you should pose with the bees! =P

Had our engagement shoot with Scott (aka Nikon guy, aka Mr. Land) and it was filled with way more excitement than I thought it would be.  I was a pile of nerves in the beginning and couldn’t stop giggling – go figure – but quickly wiped that goofy smile off my face when Jeff was attacked by not one, but a swarm of wasps leaving several stings.  One on the lip, one on the forehead and two on the neck.

Is this not the scariest thing ever?! And that’s just one of them, try looking at 20.

Luckily, he protected me as a so slowly kneeled down and as Scott says, took a nap while Jeff came to my rescue, enveloping my body and taking on the devil bug!  Ok, he actually got so freaked out he slipped and fell on his butt and sort of shimmied down the stairs while I crouched in shock not wanting to leave my man (though I may have been in his way).  The whole time all I can hear is Scott shouting “Jennifer get out of there! Quick!”  So come to find out Jeff had 5 more stings on his back, and one on his arm.  Yes math folks, that’s a total of 10!

I almost lost it.  I was mortified that I couldn’t do anything to help him.  But I think thanks to my Zen day with Kelli, I kept it together.

And all of that was the first 10 minutes!!!  Jeff was such a good sport – I almost can’t believe how much he powered through smiling after that.  I was the one grimacing because I just couldn’t believe it.  But he powered through and he didn’t get too puffy – thank goodness he is not allergic!

We then got to play around on some other stairs, and walk on the railroad tracks super illegally.  I think that was my most favorite part.  I LOVE railroad tracks!

After our casualness in Old Town Irvine, we got all fancified for a new location.  We spent an hour or more near a lake in a business area in Costa Mesa getting to climb things, hug, kiss and be us.

Dinner was at Salt Creek Grille and was so fabulous!  I can’t wait to eat there in October!  Jumbo stuffed shrimp sadly are NOT one of our passed appetizers, but I’m going to try to change that, because they are wonderful!

So after dinner, and Souffle, Scott took us back to Irvine and yelled at me for questioning his ability to navigate.  (I think it was a mostly playful yell.)  He then proceed to try to run a red light (to show me who is boss?) and I wasn’t going to even say anything but then both Jeff and I blurted out “red light!” And the three of us had a good time laughing about it.  He makes me laugh a lot, which is great because I like to laugh and I don’t think I’m so nervous about photos anymore!

I’ll post some as soon as we get them.  Can’t wait!

Marriage License and Cake!

by Jenn

Yep, that pretty much sums up yesterday. =)  I met Jeff for lunch and we had a really nice time outdoors at Quizno’s eating the best sandwich known to mankind – chicken carbonara!  Then we walked across the street to the beautiful Santa Ana Courthouse to get our marriage license  (yay!) That was pretty easy.  We had some extra time and got to hang out and smooch a bit under the shade of a big tree.  I want to go picnic there. =)

After Jeff got home from work, we made the long trek to LA in rush hour traffic to taste some cake.  Leslie makes awesome cake – hense driving all that way for a slice.  —Actually, we ended up getting to take home a lot!  Jeff’s response to his flavor of choice was “Man, that cake was great! I was sold after the first bite.”  As was I, with flavor option 2. =)

So the day was a success – and not too stressful.  Our engagement photos are the next thing to do and I’m both nervous and excited about that.

Jeff and Jenn at Courthouse – with marriage license!

Long Time, No Post

by Jenn

So, we got a lot done early so there hasn’t been much at all to report.  But we did have an engagement party with our closest friends Friday night, which was tons of fun!




Also, we got to meet up with Scott, our photographer, to discuss some location ideas for the engagement shoot next weekend.  It was a nice relaxing day of getting back to our adventure roots for me and Jeff.  Before meeting with Scott, we had lunch at Acapulco to get me my Mexican/Jalapeno fix, then we drove around to several places in Orange County to scout out the possibilities.  My favorite part was lying on the grass under the trees at SCR with Jeff.  SCR is a place we used to go on dates when we first met.  I actually just got us season tickets for the 2010/2011 performances to get back into the dating spirit. =)  It was nice to take a break there today and relax with him.