On the hunt for a blue wedding band

 This weekend in Las Vegas was a more or less relaxing one.  There was not a ton of alcohol, nor was there a massive amount of partying.  It was mostly shopping for Jenn and her new teaching position.  White House | Black Market, Express and Victoria’s Secret (not for school) mostly.  We also looked for a wedding band for me.  I want something with a blue inlay of some sort or anodized with some blue.  However they have little to no tungsten carbide rings in stores and even fewer with blue inlays.  I find them all over the place online but not in stores.  WTF!

There was one ring at this Ultra Diamonds that I think would have been satisfactory, it was a bit heavy white gold and had sapphires and diamonds in it for… $7,999 marked down to $2,399.  “Woah! What a deal!” I exclaimed as I cut the sold brick of sarcasm I was carrying that day.  I am sure it was overpriced even at $2,399.  Every piece the salesman pulled out was WAY overpriced at MSRP and then their 80% discount brings it down to a slightly overpriced piece.  I could find a similar ring for around $1,200.

The point I eventually got to was, that I am not going to spend more than $400 on a ring for me.  I refuse to have a ring that expensive.  I don’t need diamonds, I don’t need gold, I don’t need sapphires. I just want some tough metal with a blue inlay.  I think Jenn and I are going to go online tonight to find what might work.

Jeff McNeil

Born in Irvine, grew up in Anaheim,child of the world. Married to the love of my life Jennifer McNeil.

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