Long Time, No Post

So, we got a lot done early so there hasn’t been much at all to report.  But we did have an engagement party with our closest friends Friday night, which was tons of fun!




Also, we got to meet up with Scott, our photographer, to discuss some location ideas for the engagement shoot next weekend.  It was a nice relaxing day of getting back to our adventure roots for me and Jeff.  Before meeting with Scott, we had lunch at Acapulco to get me my Mexican/Jalapeno fix, then we drove around to several places in Orange County to scout out the possibilities.  My favorite part was lying on the grass under the trees at SCR with Jeff.  SCR is a place we used to go on dates when we first met.  I actually just got us season tickets for the 2010/2011 performances to get back into the dating spirit. =)  It was nice to take a break there today and relax with him.



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  1. YAY! These pictures came out great!!!

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