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16th Aug2010

I found my wedding band!

by Jeff McNeil
Tungsten Carbide w/ Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay

Tungsten Carbide w/ Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay

Oh I am so happy.  I have finally found what I want.  I have found a tungsten carbide ring with a blue carbon fiber inlay.  From the reviews of the ring it should be a wonderful purchase.  I am glad Jenn found it for me.  I am very excited and can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail.  Woohoo!

It is 8mm wide, which is wider than my current ring at 6mm.  The website says it is beveled in the inside so it is slightly larger than the size 8 we ordered.  And that the tungsten carbide is 4x as strong as my current titanium ring I got for our 2nd anniversary. I am excited to have this ring for my wedding band and will wear my titanium ring on my right hand the day of the wedding.

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    One Response to “I found my wedding band!”

    • Ryan

      Nice! I like it. I was totally thinking you would like this ring when you said you wanted a blue one.

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