Marriage License and Cake!

Yep, that pretty much sums up yesterday. =)  I met Jeff for lunch and we had a really nice time outdoors at Quizno’s eating the best sandwich known to mankind – chicken carbonara!  Then we walked across the street to the beautiful Santa Ana Courthouse to get our marriage license  (yay!) That was pretty easy.  We had some extra time and got to hang out and smooch a bit under the shade of a big tree.  I want to go picnic there. =)

After Jeff got home from work, we made the long trek to LA in rush hour traffic to taste some cake.  Leslie makes awesome cake – hense driving all that way for a slice.  —Actually, we ended up getting to take home a lot!  Jeff’s response to his flavor of choice was “Man, that cake was great! I was sold after the first bite.”  As was I, with flavor option 2. =)

So the day was a success – and not too stressful.  Our engagement photos are the next thing to do and I’m both nervous and excited about that.

Jeff and Jenn at Courthouse – with marriage license!


  1. Mmmmmmm. Leftover cake! I want some!!!

  2. Leslie from Fantasy Frostings?

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