Pre-Flight check complete

The Rock of Cashel, Cahir, County Tipperary, IrelandLast night Jenn and I finished our packing and planning.  We are trying not to take as much stuff as we did in Paris this year, and even less than the previous Paris 2010 trip.  Flights begin in the morning with a stop off in Washington DC, then on to Dublin.  We will spend a few nights in downtown Dublin before getting our rental car and zipping (HA! more like leasurly stroling) through the countryside.  We have several B&Bs lined up for that country house feeling of the Irish farm.  All in all two and a half weeks around the whole country from Northern Ireland to the southern most tip.  From politically divided towns to devine crystal carings from Waterford it will be a trip to remember.  Join us by following Jenn or myself on Facebook to get daily updates on the photos and the blog posts.

Jeff McNeil

Born in Irvine, grew up in Anaheim,child of the world. Married to the love of my life Jennifer McNeil.

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