Day 13 – Slowing down and smelling the roses and wine


Today Jenn and I went to several parks we had seen the days before, Palais Royal & Place de Vosages.  They were great places to sit back relax and take in the city life before we go back home.  The lifestyle of Paris is very different from Southern California, we don’t sit at a park to relax and people watch, nor do we let middle school kids run all over the park playing football (soccer).  There would be some helicopter mom thinking these men sitting on the bench were going to kidnap her kid, or some jogger pissed off that the school kids got in his way.  It is such a different mindset here, more relaxed and carefree.  More trusting and knowing that the worst is not out to get you.  It is so easy to get lost in the day listening to the sounds all around you, not traffic but birds and people laughing.  Oh and for all you who have seen the South Coast Repertory’s “A Christmas Carol”, we saw Ebenezer Scrooge today!  His trench coat and signature red scarf.  Bah Humbug to this cold weather we are having in spring here in Paris in deed.

So that was noon until 4:00pm, after 4pm we went to O’Cheateau for some wine tasting.  Clemment, our sommelier, was amazing!  It was a great end to the day as we both tasted 6 different wines, all at a 1/2 glass pour.  This was a lot of wine!  Jenn had her red wines from the Bordeaux regions of France and I had a white wine selection from all over France as well as some very sweet late harvest and noble rot wines.  The nobel rot is a type of fungus that grows on the grapes in particular regions of France, this fungus leeches the water out of the grape making it sweeter than usual.  I had a 80% rotten wine… it was FANTASTIC!  Problem was it cost $100 to get a bottle.  Yikes.  Jenn and I settled for a glass of our second favorite wine to finish off our bread and cheese.  Jenn loved our cheese so much we went and got a small 1/16 of a wheel to take home.  It is called Ship’s Milk cheese and was so delicious with our wine in the afternoon.

For now we are relaxing in our room, packing and getting ready for an early night to bed.  A 6 AM wake up is in store for us tomorrow along with a long trip to the airport and flight home.  For now au revoir!


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