Day 12 – Now at Marriott

We left our cozy little flat in the 6th arrondisement today for Marriott on the Champs Elysees.  It is a whole different world over here.  We left our bags in the morning and walked up and down the street shopping and eating.  We had McDonalds for lunch – at which you have the choice of either a soda or a beer with your meal – same price – odd, right?

Did a little bit of shopping mostly for me – Jeff spoils me far too much.  The displays in these stores are incredible.  I liked the Eiffel Tower in the Disney Store, Jeff was taken by the velvet wrapped car at Mercedes.  Tomorrow we might have to make a pit stop at the crystal steps of Swavorski.

After lots of walking we stopped at Cafe George V for a coffee.  My cafe ordering skills must suck because instead of deux cafe au lait, we got 2 double cafe au lait.  Woooo caffine!  This revved us up and after the nice time relaxing outside at the cafe while it snowed around us, we checked into our hotel and made some plans for the evening.

We decided to go back to La Cochonaille for dinner.  Same meal, more wine, and walked around the Palais Royal area for photos.  After that, we came back to Marriott for a night cap in the lounge then a relaxing bath for me.

It was kind of an aimless day but we had a lot of fun.  Tomorrow – cheese and wine tasting as a last hoorah.

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