Day 1 – Travel

Stopped in Washington DC right now waiting for our next leg and enjoying complimentary snacks and drinks in the Club Lounge.  The sunset here was beautiful.  Don’t have many photos but we woke up on time, got to the airport, had some Starbucks, and had a nice first leg.  Jeff and I were separated and each had middle seats – bleh – but it wasn’t bad at all.  I met an 85 year old woman names Gertrude who started traveling the world 32 years ago when her husband passed and she couldn’t bear to be at home.  It somewhat saddened me to hear about her loss but I am happy she made the most of her life by enjoying all the world has to offer.  She has been to Africa and Russia, China, Ireland, and countless other places.  I got to hear all about her son who will be graduating from Georgetown this week (hense her trip to DC) and all he has accomplished at the young age of 25.  He actually founded a charity to help build schools in Tanzania.  I was very interested to learn about her family.

Getting ready to board for our flight, here are the few photos from so far:


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