Day 1 – Notre premier jour en Paris

Nous sommes allés au Tour Eiffel aujourd’hui.  Il n’y avait pas une ligne longue parce que nous sommes allés au 9h du matin.   

First of all, we woke up at 3am due to our 8pm bedime.  Shower, organize luggage, search online and make a plan for our two weeks, then we left at about 6am pour aller au supermarché.  Of course the market did not open till 7am so we walked the town for a bit, bought our metro pass, and came back.  Groceries for probably 2 days – 25 Euros – pas mal!  But hey we couldn’t buy wine because apparently it can’t be sold until 8?  I’m not even sure if that’s AM or PM, I think AM.  Odd to me though.  But yeah Orangina in the states is 3 bucks for the tiniest bottle, and 2 Euos here for 1.5 litres! Score 1 for Paris!  A 6 pack of .5L water bottles: 1.37 Euros – That’s like 30 US cents per bottle.  Je t’aime, “Carrefour”.  

Yay Cafe au lait

We then went to the boulangerie accross the street from our appartement for du pain.  We got 4 kinds, 4 big croissant like rolls with filling of some sort for 4 Euros and ate it all along with our cafés.  

Ice Skating on La Tour Eiffel

Then to the Eiffel Tower by metro.  It was cold outside but not at all miserable except that the  muddy silt on the dirt paths that make up most of the area around the tower are yuck.  But we went up and spent a good 2 hours there.  The highlight was watching kids ice scate while we had un vin chaud (mulled wine).  

For lunch, we went to Cafe Ronsard for my favorite: Quiche Loraine!  Then home for nap time which turned into a long slumber of 3 hours followed by coffee then dinner before our walk aux Champs-Élysées.  

 Eiffel Tower Trip:  

A la sommet


La Neige

The view



dans le parc

Aux  Champs-Élysées we bought our ticket for Disneyland at the Disney store, then took photos of the beautiful light lighned and traffic filled streets. 

Walking on the street


Pretty Building




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