Day 2 – Luxembourg Gardens & Sacre-Coeur

In the appartment

Snow man?

The day began like the last day, wake up around 3am… realize it is WAY too early and go back to bed.  We finally rolled out of bed around 11am and have a great breakfeast of pastries and yougurt…. yummy!  We headed out to go and see the famous Luxembourg gardens.  Built by Marie de Medicis, the widow of King  Henry IV, in 1612.  She had commissioned a fountain, palace and a garden like one of her childhood in Florence.  All still stand in the garden.  It is the 2nd largest garden in Paris.  We had a fun time walking around the park and seeing that there was still snow on the ground and even a snow man!  That photo is for you Kelli.  There is snow here on the ground, it is few and far between but there is some.  It seems like when the rain here turns to snow it does not last too long.  The rest of France may be in a cold spell but here it seems to only rain

Us in Luxomburg Gardens

The wind was really blowing hard today and it cut through our clothes, so we went back to the apartment to get some better sweaters and jackets.  After finding some awesome bread and cheese at the store having a lunch of quiche, and powering up some batteries, we headed out to see the Moulin Rouge.  It was very underwhelming on the overcast day.  We didnt go in since I heard that it was a tourist trap and way over priced for what you get to see.


Jenn and I then took side streets all the way up to the tallest hill in Paris, Sacre-Coeur.  A church built in the 1870’s and finished in 1916 crowns the top of the hill.  The church is also famous for the trips that Pope John Paul II took to pray and hold mass here.  It is quite an impressive building, however we are not able to share photo of inside.  There are many signs saying no photographs allowed.  We had a hard time taking photos outside afterward due to the rain that was coming down pretty constistantly.  We decided to then head on home which is where we are now.

Down the hill from Sacre-Coeur

Dinner soon, then deciding if we want to go out in the rain again.  I am loving the trip here.  Sure the first day sucked, who am I kidding, it was crap!  But we are here and having a good time.  I still can’t speak much french but Jenn has been doing great for the two of us.

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