Asia Day 5 – No I do not need a watch, copy handbag, suit or women’s tailor

…but thanks for asking 60 bagillion times!

It is absolutely hillarious to me what is peddled on the streets of Kowloon.  The afore mentioned items are only the beginning – then there are perhaps questionable massage offers.  And man they know how to play you – achey feet from all day walking and for $4 US you can have a 20 minute chinese foot massage!  Or so we think.  If it came with anything else, then I suppose it is totally a deal!

So, today was our last day in Hong Kong and boy was it packed.  Tried to see the Giant Buddah but we were too early, so we went to the south side of Hong Kong island on our Big Bus Tour and got a free Sampan ride through the fishing village.  That was SO neat!  I was hoping to see real back to basics culture here and that totally did it.

After that we went across the harbor to Kowloon and had lunch at Outback.  yeah yeah, its in the US and is not a truly cultural experience, but we had items we hadn’t seen before and man I do hope Alice’s chicken is on Huntington Outback’s menu because it was gooo-oood!  Being in the AC, drinking ice water, and watching people below on the streets was nice and relaxing.

We then hopped back on the bus and took a 30 minute journey to the Ladies’ Market area – jam packed streets with vendors and LOTS of haggling.  Though it is an unmastered art for me.

At 3 we headed back to TST East and from 4-8 we really had nothing to do so we just browsed shops, got 770ml bottles of cold water for 50 cents US, and had a blast.  Dinner at Pepper Lunch was an experience – would love to have that again!  You kind of cook your own meal.  They plate it on a HOT skillet and you mix everything up so it cooks.  AND it’s delicious.  Plus at only 39 HKD, ($5 US) splitting a huge portion to top that, it was a super deal.  LOVE Asia!

Saw Symphony of Lights shortly after that – a much better vantage point than the peak, and I got to take plenty of photos and some video. A 30 minute walk to Temple Street night market for a few more photos closed the night before out metro ride home.

All packed and ready for the 4.5 hour flight to Japan tomorrow.  Not sure yet if three days will be enough there.  So much to do – but I’m super excited for another Disney day.

Goodnight all (or shall I say good morning?)  Here are some pictures which will hopefully entertain you:

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