Asia Day 6 – Part 1 – The Airport

Sunrise in Hong Kong

Sunrise in Hong Kong

YAWN!  This was an early morning at 5:30am for a flight at 9:25am.  This airport is so large it has 2 train stations, 500+ gates and a required map to get you around.  When we got here we ran into a small problem, Cathay Pacific did not get the memo about my name change.  I called Air Canada and told them, since they were the primary carrier, and Air Canada told me not to worry about it.  Well it was a good thing that I had my marriage licence and old passport because it took us an additional 20 minutes to have the manager approve the name change.  Kinki, our airline agent, was polite and nice during the whole time.  She even waved the fee for my “oversized” wall fan that I was going to carry on board.  The next problem was that Jenn and I are not sitting together on this flight to Tokyo….. bummer.  We will see what we can do once we board the plane.  Finally we were singled out for an extensive baggage check.  The security guard delicately opened our camera bag and gently picked out one piece at a time.  If we were in the US I am sure it would have been torn into and stuff tossed all around.  The people here are so polite and nice.   Jenn and I were wondering what might have made them question the bag, we only had shot glasses, electronics, and a giant bag of Disney pins in there.  I guess it looked a little too touristy.

Jenn is now back with breakfast! YUM!  McD’s Mango & Orange smoothie and french style pastries.  Later!

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