Asia Day 4 – Hong Kong Island

Went into the city today for some amazing sights.  The weather was better – well less wind meant it felt hotter, but the cyclone storm has passed.  We got on the “Big Bus Tour” for the day (tomorrow too) and went around one of the 4 paths 1.5 times.

First stop was Victoria Park – it is amazing how lush everything is here – like Hawaii.  Even though you can hear all the nearby cars, it is sort of a place of relaxation “away” from the city.  A lot of groups were practicing Tai Chi.

After that, we hopped back on the big bus to go through the computer center and to the Peak Tramway.  This thing was crazy!  First of all, the herds of people are astonishing, then you get on the thing and it takes you up a giant hill at a 45 degree angle.  (P.S. to truly appriciate how steep it is, you need to stand for the ride – which we did later.)

The views were great and we took an escalator to the highest point.  There is also about 6 or 7 floors of shops at the top.

After the peak, we took a journey to the mid-level escalators where we climed another, more subtle hill.  Stopping for gelatto in the middle was a nice refreshment and we took Hollywood street for a walk to Man Mo Temple while divulging.  This temple is awesome for lack of a better word.  It is known for its ceiling covered in spiralled incence.  Definitely a site to see.

From there we went back to the beginning at the Star Ferry Pier and to the IFC mall for a break in the AC.  Ate at McDonald’s, and also got dough balls and nutella at Pizza Express.  After powering back up it was time to go back to the peak for the spectacular night show.

And will our ticket to cut in line, it was well worth the extra $5 to go back up.  The photos will do a better job of describing the scene.

After that, it was just back to the metro, back to the end of the line, and a taxi to our Hotel.  Missed happy hour of course so we ordered some sweet and sour chicken.  Room service is super expensive here, but oh well!

TV time and bed… more tomorrow!


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