Where are you going for your Honeymoon?

Leaving on a jetplane

Leaving on a jet plane

Many people have been asking us “Where are you going on your honeymoon?”  To which I reply:

Jenn and I are not going on a traditional honeymoon.  Because she is a teacher, she does not have PTO like I do.  Her vacations are timed with the school schedule.  We will be taking a few days off around the wedding for our sanity, but no big plans for a week long honeymoon in an exotic location.  We have decided to make the honeymoon a year long.  We are going to use the Marriott Wedding Registry gifts to go around California and the US and stay at nice Marriott hotels.  Our first night out will be over Halloween weekend in Palm Springs at the Esmerelda Renaissance Marriott, one of our favorites.  Other ideas floating around are a trip to San Diego and Napa Valley.  I would also like to have a fun night in Hollywood of dinner and bar hopping with a stay at the new JW Marriott Downtown.  We will be doing a little extra traveling within the next year to make up for no traditional honeymoon.

Some people have said that our Paris trip could be our honeymoon.  To that I say: we planned the Paris trip before I proposed.  I would admit that the Paris trip is probably going to be MORE romantic than it was going to be.  However it was not planned specifically for our honeymoon.  Now if we had some sort of frequent flyer miles, we could use the Marriott money and the frequent flyer miles to go somewhere more exotic.  But I like our honeymoon for a year plan, every month go to a hotel for a weekend get away.

Does anyone have suggestions for places to go?  Take a look on the Marriott website and find some fun hotels for us.  Comment below.

Jeff McNeil

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