What!? I’m thinking of hiring a Nikon wielding photographer?

Honestly, that part doesn’t really matter, it is just funny that I didn’t think he’d use anything other than Canon even though I know people do.

I have so much anxiety about this.  The cost, the trust issues, the product.  He’s an awesome guy from what I can tell and I honestly believe I won’t be let down but it’s this huge thing in my life right?  This could make me go bridezilla if I am not at ease and I don’t want that.  I also have self-esteem issues going on.  He is so better than I am as a photographer =)  But isn’t that a good thing?  Even better than MOI!?

Here are some photos I yanked from his site.  Breathtaking.  Will my wedding live up to this?

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  1. Shutup. You are the best photographer I know.

    But I do think his pictures look pretty great! 🙂

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