The venue & date: Oct 16th 2010 @ Salt Creek Grille in Dana Point

After numerous phone calls with reassurance by my handsome fiance, I signed a contract and forked over 25% to hold the venue on our special day.  Turns out the day I had in my head was the only Saturday available between now and the end of the year and essentially 20 people are free with their current 2010 promo!

So where and when, you ask?  October 16, 2010 at Salt Creek Grill in Dana Point on PCH.  This means planning needs to happen fast – but seeing as the venue was booked 4 days after being engaged, we are doing great!

I’m working on Save the Date cards tonight, see a photographer tomorrow (need to make meetings with more of them though!) and might buy some decor tonight as well.

Its the perfect place for us too, because our first “official” date (first dinner) was there in November of 2006.  I can’t believe how long it has been.

Another note of thought: 1 souffle for every 2 people comes out to be roughly the budget we had in mind for wedding cake…. so… who votes souffle and who votes cake? (keep in mind that my vote counts for 51% – j/k)


  1. Holy crap! You guys work fast!!! YAY FOR A SET DATE!!!

  2. By the way, I vote for whatever dessert is the sweetest. I’m a total sweets whore (as you know). 🙂

  3. I vote cake! You HAVE to have a wedding cake!!

  4. Ok – You’ve just gotta have cake – Dark chocolate dipped! With flowers the colors of the shirt and ties – Something to die for!

  5. This thought did occur… Jeff has voted to omit brown from the wedding cake as he is feeling there is brown EVERWHERE for our wedding, LoL

  6. If you promise to come eat some, we’ll get cake! =)

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