The Adventures of Jeff and Jenn McNeil » Permission

Permission: Check, Ring: Check, Plan: Pending

by Jeff McNeil

permissionWell this last Friday, April 30th, I asked Jenn’s mom Marge for permission to marry Jenn.  I was given a resounding yes.  It was a very awkward moment for me to be doing so.  I am sure it will feel better when I ask Jenn.  My heart will be pounding for sure at that moment.  Apparently over the weekend Jenn said that Marge couldn’t stop giving me enough praise.  I hope Marge keeps her secret.  I know her and Jenn talk on a daily basis, well more like an hourly basis.  So it will be interesting to see how long Marge can keep this under wraps.  I also need to move on to my next phase which is planning the event. I will be sure to write more about that later.  As for now, I am just glad I got the “A OK” from mom.  I feel that is the best way to do it since Jenn and her mother are so close.