Snowing in Paris

Snowing in Paris - Notre Dame

Snowing in Paris – Notre Dame

It is snowing in Paris.  I am so excited!  Our Christmas trip turned romantic honeymoon is looking to be a cold one.  We have packed most of our warm things already and are looking for additional room and weight to bring the heavy winter clothes.  While layering works for upper body warmth, I have a feeling we need warmer socks to make sure our toes don’t get too cold.  Everything is in place but our seating arrangement on the flights to and from Paris.  I am also a little worried about the connecting flight in London.  If they have snow, we may be in for a long wait… cross your fingers. At least we don’t have to land on the eastern sea board where there are tons of flight delays during the winter.  I could stand to spend a night in London at the airlines expense if I had to.

I am as giddy as a kid in a candy shop.  I am also taking orders for souvenirs from Paris.  If you are looking for a shot glass or small Eiffel tower, let me know.  I will need some upfront funds but would be happy to buy it for you.  I am planning to save some room in my luggage for these little items.  The photos look amazing of more close up objects in Paris when it snows.  I have heard the fog can be a problem especially on New Years when it mutes the fireworks show.  But c’est la vie!

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