Paris Day 2 – Disneyland

Yes but of course we had to take Mom to Disneyland Paris.  After having an odd night of sleep, I woke up at 3am very hungry – time change is harsh!  We ate breakfast a bit later and walked across Pont Neuf to the RER A line to board for M.L.V / Disneyland.  While on the bridge, mom got her first glimpse of the Eiffel tower far in the distance.  She will be shocked at how big it is in person tomorrow.

After the hour long journey to the park, we arrived and entered and spent the day in the same fashion as DL Anaheim.  A few rides here and there, good food, shopping and overall fun.  It was chilly but not completely unbearable.  For once I would love to experience this park in the sun.  There was actually snow on the ground in a couple spots, as well as atop Thunder Mesa (Thunder Mountain).  Mom kept remarking how same and yet different the place feels.  Highlights not in Anaheim included a special St. Patrick’s Day celebration with great Irish dancers, and the Walt Disney Studios park which none of us had been to before.  Here, the best thing by far was the Crush Coaster where we ride the EAC current twisting and turning while on the back of a turtle.  FUN!

After arriving back in the center of Paris, we once again crossed Pont Neuf and had a view of the Eiffel Tower – this time lit up beautifully in the night sky.  It is only 9pm right now but the day has taken a toll on us all.  Tomorrow should be lighter but we will surely have fun!

Here is today in photos:

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