Paris Day 1 – March 16, 2013

So exhausted right now from the long flight with no sleep and only a 1-hour nap after settling into our apartment, but Paris is so far so good.  Jeff and I started the morning at the Renaissance LAX Marriott with breakfast and a shuttle ride to pick up Mom from Terminal 1.  Mom and I then hopped on a shuttle to meet Jeff at the International terminal.

We got all checked in and had an on time departure on Air Tahiti Nui to CDG.

The 11 hour plane ride actually went by relatively quickly.  A few movies were definitely helpful but when I was desperate for sleep but either too uncomfortable or revved up on Sudafed to pass out, I took a look out the window into the night sky.  There approching Greenland I noticed a familiar green hue across the sky.  As we flew over Greenland and closer to Iceland the northern lights danced across the sky.  Mom was amazed at how they moved and Jeff and I were intrigued by the new angle of sight.  Following this spectacular show, the sun rose over France casting pink shadows across the clouds.

We landed and caught a taxi to the 6th Arrondisement where we were too early so we spent a sleepy hour at a nearby cafe before moving in and resting.

Waking up for lunch was hard but necessary if we hope to reset our clocks today.  Heading over to Bastille, we met old friend Amy and a pal of hers for a delicious meal.  It was good to catch up as we haven’t seen each other in a few years and she had never met Jeff!

Back at the flat Jeff and I ran to the stre for quick groceries, unpacked, and are now pretty zombie like.  Mom is snoring away next to me at the moment.  It is just about 6pm.  Hopefully I will sleep for 12 hours and tomorrow at Disneyland I will be alert and ready for anything.  My allergies are making me nuts but I am hoping sleep helps me settle down.

Here are some photos from today.  Yes, Jeff was with us!

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