Day 4 – Mass at Notre Dame, then dinner

So beautiful

So we slept like 5 hours in the middle of the day.  Either we are experiencing major jetlag or the weather and daily activities are wearing on the mind and body.  For that reason, we decideded to book it over to Notre Dame to catch mass before eating dinner at 10pm.  No midnight mass for us,  but it was pretting awe inspiring to be in such a historic cathedral for Christmas Eve.

Hundreds of people are inside at any one time and thousands enter throughout the night:

View from the back

Jenn and Jeff outside Notre Dame

Les Bonbons

And outside the decorative tree adds to the christmas spirit.  On the way home we stopped for les bonbons.  We purchased a bag of scoop-it-yourself candy for 24 Euros!  That aught to last us the rest of our stay.  But tonight for dessert: Buchettes!

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