Day 4 – It’s a white Christmas Eve, Le Louvre… more after dinner

After waking up somewhat early yet again, we showered quickly, ate our pastries, and hopped on the metro for a trip to the Eiffel Tower.  It snowed last night and we were able to get to the tower before too many people treked through the snow, ruining it.  It is amazing how quiet the city is at 7am on a weekday, though perhaps it is because of the holidays.

After a quick stop at home (our home in Paris, that is) we headed out to the Louvre to actually go inside today and view the scuptures, painings, and such.  Of course we saw La Jaconde (Mona Lisa), and Venus de Milo, among others – but the place is huge! And we were well worn out in 3 hours.  Perhaps we will go back another day.

The proverbial shot with Mona Lisa

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