Day 3 – The Blue Lagoon

Briefly seen on an episode of The Bachelor years ago, the Blue Lagoon was a must visit destination for this trip.  We don’t have many plans while we were here but I am glad we made this one of them,  We started the morning about 7am local time with breakfast at our hotel.  We then made the drive to Grendavik where we arrived at the Lagoon a little early – before they opened and before the sun rose.  Of course even after entering and spending the “day” at the baths, we never saw the sun.  The chilling wind whipped our faces as we huddled in the naturally toasty warm water from the geothermal earth.

Included in our day were some interesting skin treatments, a glass of champagne while we waded in the water, and a delicious 3-course lunch at LAVA, a unique restaurant overlooking the lagoon.

We thought we would spend a few hours at the destination – but it was so relaxing we stayed past sunset and ended up leaving around 4pm.

Super sleepy after the lull we were put into from the warm waters and the drive in the dark back to the hotel, Jeff is sleeping now while I write and I will probably sleep soon as well.  I am not sure what time zone we are existing right now but 12 hours of sleep per day is something I could get used to.

For tomorrow’s daylight hours, we hope to make our way to some waterfalls, and the Auroral predictions for the evening look promising.

Wish us luck!

Here are the photos from today!

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