Day 1 Part 1 – Alaska

A 5am wakeup started our day. We then attempted to get the paperwork we need for our hotel and failed. Starbucks and then to Jen P’s for a ride by 630. We got to the airport a bit before 7 and stood in line to chek our bags. That seemed to take forever and Jeff was getting stressed. 15 minutes later we paid $40 for our two bags (each of which weighed EXACTLY 50 pounds – woo!) Then all went to shit as we received our boarding passes and found out Jeff was a Cylwik and NOT a McNeil as all his IDs indicate. Okay okay this happened in Asia, a supervisor just has to reprint. We have old license and passport as proof. No problem, right? WRONG! “We don’t do that” was all the hostile woman at the “agent assistance desk” could tell us. What assisance. So I stopped at a TSA agent who referred me to another TSA agent who referred me to a TSA supervisor who told me the airline had to change the ticket. When I told her they refused she said they could and to demand so. She asked what time our flight was. 8. What time is it now? 7:25. “Okay we will make it work” she tells me and off we go to the counter. Half way down she has a change of heart and calls us back. She’s goof to escort us through security. Luckily she caught that although Jeff’s old passport is hole punched, it isn’t actually expired. Odd. But she checked all IDs Jeff had on him, threw me for a loop when she asked me how to pronounce MY name, and to the conveyor belt we went. Not bad for th huge amount of stress Jeff was feeling. We got back our stuff, put in our shoes and got directly into the boarding line. Suprisingly no problems with our massive amount of carry on luggage and smooth sailing – er, flying – from there.

At Seattle airport on our layover now. Flight delayed about 30 minutes due to a passenger who is traveling on a stretcher. Hmm.. odd. I’m quite curious about that one. But we had some good food and we are ready to be in Alaska and a little more relaxed. Will post again tonight and maybe we will have taken a photo by then.

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  1. HAVE FUN YOU TWO!!! Things can only get better from here 🙂

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