Alaska Day 1 – Part 2: Lounging in the lounge leisurely sipping libations

Decided to stay at the hotel tonight for dinner.  We are actually right outside in the courtyard enjoying the light that apparently never ends in the summer and Jeff is having an Alaskan beer while I sip on an appletini – complete with a lime? I had to throw that thing across the room before I could enjoy my drink but all is well now.  Hot broccoli and three cheese soup is making me comfy and bacon cheeseburgers are delicious as well…

Skip forward to midnight – went out for a midnight (well lit) walk.  There is a lake right across the street from our hotel and the weird Alaskan light makes it beautiful. The sun is both setting and rising right now… I imagine it will be back up in an hour or two – but I am off to bed in a sec.  All I know is that at 8pm it sure looked like midday and as you can see in the pictures below, it does not look like midnight.

Here is my favorite from the little walk:

And here are some other unedited images:

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  1. OMG. Isn’t the constant daylight crazy in Alaska? When my sister and I were on our cruise ship a couple of years ago, we were playing cards on the deck and I was like, “It must be about 8pm now.” It was like midnight. So crazy!!!

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