2 Weeks to Hong Kong & Tokyo

Disneyland - Hong Kong

Disneyland - Hong Kong

I am getting excited, we only have 2 weeks until Jenn and I are on our way to Hong Kong and then Tokyo. For those who do not know, Jenn and I are going to all 5 Disneyland parks in 1 year. We began our trip with Disneyland in Paris on December 30th 2010. We later went to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA on April 16th. Our next park is going to be Disneyland Hong Kong on June 23rd.

The more research I have been doing for Hong Kong the more I get excited. Jenn and I will be staying at, where else, the Marriott Sky City in Hong Kong. It is near the airport which is far away from the city center, as a result we will have to learn how to take public transportation and use an Octopus card for payment. It is the size of a credit card and has a RFID chip in it to record when we enter and exit the stations. It will then charge our pre-paid account for the fare. We will change our normal trip to the museum days into walk around town days. From what I have read and heard, there is a lot to be explored in Hong Kong from the mountain top monasteries to the daily farmers markets. One person described Hong Kong to me as Chinese culture with British civility.

Like with our previous trips we will be posting on the blog each night so please stay tuned for our photos and our stories. We enjoy the comments that everyone has posted and welcome input if you have been to Hong Kong or Tokyo.

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