We have a new OB

And thank goodness!  Being run through the system like some kind of machine on an assembly line was really not working for me.  With Jeff’s new job and better insurance, we can now relax knowing we have a doctor who will talk to us, answer our questions, and generally be available.  We have chosen a better hospital which will allow for the type of birth experience we want and are making progress toward choosing a doula as well.  That has all done an amazing job of putting me at ease but I have now become afflicted with terrible sciatic pain that hurts with every step or bend.  My little man must just be comfy up against my nerves.  And even though Daddy has asked him to be nice to me, he doesn’t seem to want to move.  Looking forward to some relief this week with a massage and some physical therapy.  Otherwise I am generally feeling good, the super low energy days have been fewer and further in between and I feel really good working out at yoga or a run.  All in all I’d say things are going smoothly.

I’ve been told my new doctor “catches all his babies” =)

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