United Air ticket to Ireland + bonus to Hawaii

United Airlines Mileage Pus Credit Card
United Airlines Mileage Pus Credit Card

Jenn and I made it official, we have booked a trip to Ireland!  We are very excited about our newly planned trip.  It will cover the whole country in a ring self guided car tour.  I feel the best part of it is that we booked it with an added bonus.  By researching flights and credit card companies, we found that United was about $90 more expensive than the cheapest flights with Aer Lingus, the national airline of Ireland.  By signing up for the United Airlines credit card & purchasing our flight we will get a $50 statement credit, 2 passes to access the United First Class Lounge at airports and after our trip 40,000 miles in each of our accounts.  During select times of the year the round trip fare to Hawaii using the United Mileage points is 40,000.  So that means for the additional $40 we spent, we get a free round trip flight to Hawaii.  Pretty sweet huh!?! Stay tuned, more travel news in the coming days.

Jeff McNeil

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