The hardest wooden puzzle by far

St. Petersberg Cathedral

St. Petersberg Cathedral

This whole week I have been working on the largest, most detailed and most complicated of all of our centerpiece puzzles.  The St. Petersberg Cathedral in Russia is the largest at  18 inches by 20 inches by 25 inches.  The intricate pieces require you to glue other pieces onto them.  In previous puzzles, all the pieces were tongue and grove and were designed to fit without glue.  This puzzle is totally the opposite.  You almost have to glue everything into place or it will fall out.  Who the hell designed this thing? It is driving me nuts!  Who ever is sitting at this table better realize they have the coolest centerpiece of them all.  Of course some other favorites of mine are the Sydney Opera House and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

You will have to look around at the reception to find all the puzzles Jenn and I have made over the last weeks.  All made with love and painted by hand for your reception enjoyment.

Jeff McNeil

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  1. Holy crap! That thing is gnarly! 🙁

  2. It is finished, check out the updated posting! Finally done, and now for clean up *ugh*

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