The first meeting: Jenn and the ring

Whitehall Jewelers Storefront

Whitehall Jewelers, where the ring was purchased

Back in October 2008, Jenn and I were wandering a mall in Westminster near our apartment.  I suggested that we enter the store to look at potential rings for a way, way way in the future purpose (wedding or otherwise).  She picked out several and tried them on.  A few she liked and a few she loved.  We did this sort of thing to benefit me, I would have to pick out a ring eventually and I wanted it to be one she loved.  I didn’t want her to just like it, but to love it.  I used these jewelry store visits to learn very valuable information about what ring Jenn would eventually want.

  • White gold is preferable to yellow gold.  Platinum was too expensive she said.
  • She likes fancy rings or rings with the tri-diamond setting.
  • Her favorite diamond cut is the princess cut for how radiant it is in the light, not for the mere name of the cut.
  • She likes ring sets that fit against and not purchased or created separately.

Over the prior weeks and months to the purchase I used the short list of requirements to try and find the perfect ring for Jenn.  It was very hard and sometimes quite frustrating. However this evening Jenn found one she loved.  I made a mental note of it and we left to store without buying the ring.

While on the way to the car, her and I got into a heated argument about how cruel it was to bring her into jewelry stores only to tease her with trying on rings.  I knew that it really helped em to find what she would want, she saw it as teasing her. The end result was that I was no longer going to take her into jewelry stores to look at rings, pearls, bracelets or anything gold, silver or glittery.

Jeff McNeil

Born in Irvine, grew up in Anaheim,child of the world. Married to the love of my life Jennifer McNeil.

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  1. The part about getting into an argument on the way to the car makes me pee my pants!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Jenn – isn’t it so funny now that you look back on it?! Men can be such a pain!!!

    Love you both! 🙂

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