The cat has one paw out of the bag

Secret is out

Secret is out

So now there are more people that know about plans this weekend.  Denise and Joseph, both from my work, now know.  They have no direct ties to Jenn so I am confident that nothing has gotten back to her.  It is hard to not tell anyone else at this point.  Joseph found out when he came into my office and saw the website. I told Denise myself so that I could get her input on the matter.  Laura knows, her boyfriend knows of course.  My co-worker Cindy knows because I asked her about rings, her proposal etc.  Nancy another co-worker knows because she knows everything that goes on at work or outside of work.  John Resurreccion knows because I told him at his graduation party.  We were talking about up and coming big plans etc so I talked about it.  Some other people at the party know because we were comparing proposal stories.  I will be posting on Facebook when everything is said and done, all those people who find this website from there… TADA all my planning worked. Keep reading the blog to learn about everything I did from Day 1.  Please register using your e-mail address and comment on any blog posting you wish.  I would really like this to be a public forum as a true blog should be.

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