The Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower

Me and Rena =)

Rumor has it I’ve been slacking on the posts, so I’m going to just say a little bit about my 2 parties.  First, Kelli and Laura threw me a dessert shower at our apartment where I was truly showered in sweets!  We all had a great time with silly games and entertainment from Rena, my flower girl. =)

Last Friday was my bachelorette party and we all had a ton of fun.  Me, Laura, Kelli, Dionna, Leticia and Meridith all went to Sargent Pepper’s Dueling Piano Bar first – I have never been to a piano bar before and it was tons of fun!  Of course they embarrassed me but it was all in good humor and I got to drink a martini called the “ex-boyfriend”.

After Sgt. Peppers, Laura, Kelli and I went next door to The Dubliner where I danced and had quite a fun time receiving free drinks.  That was pretty much how the night ended.  I lost my voice (which had been happening for days) and we stayed at the Marriott in Long Beach where Kelli and I basked in the glorious-ness that is a hotel bed then went for delicious crepes the next morning.

I am so excited for the wedding!  Vow written, working on organizing things for the wedding and recovering from last week’s illness.  All seems to be going well. =)


  1. YAY! Me likey this post. 🙂

  2. Looks like your girls had a lot of fun. I am happy for you and your girls. I think this should be a regular thing once a season, go out with your girls and have a night on the town. I’ll then get more time with Ryan 🙂 I love you Jennifer.

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