26th Jun2010

Shopped till we dropped…

by Jenn
Behold bright colors!

Behold bright colors!

Returns, window shopping for ideas, and buying clothes for groomsmen today.  We decided no suits or tuxes were necessary, because we want the POW! COLOR! in full effect.  The guys will wear these shirts and ties with brown slacks.  Jeff is in blue with pink tie with his guys in the other three sets.

We also went down to Salt Creek Grille to get an idea of what it would look like all setup and ready for guests.  My main concern is not having enough room for people to walk around at the reception.  If it is too small we may need to expand some tables out to the side areas.  But there looks to be plenty of room over 120 guests, which will be invited in the coming weeks.  I also found this great new program at download.com to stitch together photos into a panorama.  It was so cool!  We should do this for the whole ceremony and reception locations. Anyway, here is a panorama of the venue all setup for what looks to be a white wedding with a beach theme.

Salt Creek Grille Panorama

Salt Creek Grille Panorama


4 Responses to “Shopped till we dropped…”

  • ari

    wow, ive seen the color in tux’s, but im realy liking this idea cause i cant wait to see what the bridesmaids dresses will be!!!

  • Kelli

    Love the colors! So fun!!! 🙂

  • Jenn

    haha, I’m starting to think the bridesmaid’s dresses will be boring in comparison. =)

  • I get a pink tie! I love pink ties. Real men wear pink. Who loves the blue and pink the most, I do! I love new new shirt and am excited to give the groomsmen their shirts, ties and tie clips.

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