Rose Petals, Freeze Dried vs. Fresh

Pink Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Pink Freeze Dried Rose Petals

For the ceremony site, we are going to have two rows of rose petals one on either side, to denote the aisle.  Now there have been any debates online about fresh rose petals vs freeze dried.  I would like to heard from those who have used rose petals before, what is your opinion.  Personally I am leaning towards the freeze dried.  They are easy to transport, they don’t wilt nor will they be any sort of color stain hassle for anyone handling them.  However it does say something for fresh flowers to have the aroma in the air.  But at an outdoor wedding where I anticipate a breeze and where the roses will be 5-6 feet from anyone’s nose, I don’t think anyone is smelling them.

I got a few quotes online and locally for roses and it looks like no one can guarantee me anything unless I pay sky high prices.  These are just rose petals for crying out loud, not gold plated rose petals.  One place said $1,200 and other was $900.  The freeze dried place is sending me a sample so I am excited about that.  We shall see how we like the sample I guess.  De-petaling a rose is definitely not something that I want to do myself the day before the wedding.

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  1. I’ve seen rows of roses in the aisle the size of speed bumps before and I still couldn’t smell them.

  2. Thank you. That helped me make my decision to go with freeze dried petals. They last longer and come in the exact colors we want. I just hope they toss well. I think I am going to try and soften them up a little with some steam the day before.

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