Pageviews go through the roof

California Google Analytics Map

California Google Analytics Map

Thank you all for making the website such a success.  Here are some astonishing facts since the proposal on June 19th.

# of Visits: 607
# of Page Views: 2,591
Average Pages per Visit: 4.27
Average time on site: 6 minutes 27 Seconds

#1 Most Visited Page: About Jeff and Jenn 100 times
#2 Most Visited Page: Photo Gallery 76 times
#3 Most Visited Page: Ring Photo Gallery 75 times
#4 Most Visited Page: Proposal Moment Photo Gallery 75 times

In California (557 visits),  here are the most popular cities for visits:
#1 Stanton, 90 Visits, Average # of pages 6, Average Time 13:55
#2 Corona Del Mar, 64 Visits, Average # of pages 2.81, Average Time 3:56
#3 Orange County, 51 Visits, Average # of pages 3.84, Average Time 7:38
#4 San Francisco, 42 Visits, Average # of pages 4.57, Average Time 8:03
#5 Santa Ana, 42 Visits, Average # of pages 4.98, Average Time 7:04
#6 Yorba Linda, 29 Visits, Average # of pages 3.48, Average Time 3:37
#7 Los Angeles, 27 Visits, Average # of pages 3.07, Average Time 3:43
#8 San Jose, 23 Visits, Average # of pages 4.3, Average Time 6:00
#9 Big Bear, 21 Visits, Average # of pages 2.33, Average Time 1:56
#10 Huntington Beach, 18 Visits, Average # of pages 5, Average Time 4:47

I know there may be out of towners who are not included on here.  I am just so amazed that so many of our friends and family have participated in comments on the site.  I encourage everyone to sign up as a user and post a positive comment about a posting or offer advice on a topic.  I designed the website to be easy to join the fun with Jenn and I as we plan our wedding.

Jeff McNeil

Born in Irvine, grew up in Anaheim,child of the world. Married to the love of my life Jennifer McNeil.


  1. sisterofthebride

    Where is Stanton and why are they winning?

  2. Yay! Yorba Linda is well represented on there! 🙂

  3. It might be us… Stanton is around the corner – I don’t know anyone who lives there but I guess we could be routed that way.

  4. I was jealous of this Stanton business at first. But I agree – I think you guys are being routed through there. 🙂

  5. At first I was shocked with Stanton too, but then I figured it has to be Jeff and Jenn. I’m trying to get Irvine on there. YEAH!

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