07th Jul2010

Pageviews go through the roof

by Jeff McNeil
California Google Analytics Map

California Google Analytics Map

Thank you all for making the website such a success.  Here are some astonishing facts since the proposal on June 19th.

# of Visits: 607
# of Page Views: 2,591
Average Pages per Visit: 4.27
Average time on site: 6 minutes 27 Seconds

#1 Most Visited Page: About Jeff and Jenn 100 times
#2 Most Visited Page: Photo Gallery 76 times
#3 Most Visited Page: Ring Photo Gallery 75 times
#4 Most Visited Page: Proposal Moment Photo Gallery 75 times

In California (557 visits),  here are the most popular cities for visits:
#1 Stanton, 90 Visits, Average # of pages 6, Average Time 13:55
#2 Corona Del Mar, 64 Visits, Average # of pages 2.81, Average Time 3:56
#3 Orange County, 51 Visits, Average # of pages 3.84, Average Time 7:38
#4 San Francisco, 42 Visits, Average # of pages 4.57, Average Time 8:03
#5 Santa Ana, 42 Visits, Average # of pages 4.98, Average Time 7:04
#6 Yorba Linda, 29 Visits, Average # of pages 3.48, Average Time 3:37
#7 Los Angeles, 27 Visits, Average # of pages 3.07, Average Time 3:43
#8 San Jose, 23 Visits, Average # of pages 4.3, Average Time 6:00
#9 Big Bear, 21 Visits, Average # of pages 2.33, Average Time 1:56
#10 Huntington Beach, 18 Visits, Average # of pages 5, Average Time 4:47

I know there may be out of towners who are not included on here.  I am just so amazed that so many of our friends and family have participated in comments on the site.  I encourage everyone to sign up as a user and post a positive comment about a posting or offer advice on a topic.  I designed the website to be easy to join the fun with Jenn and I as we plan our wedding.

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    5 Responses to “Pageviews go through the roof”

    • sisterofthebride

      Where is Stanton and why are they winning?

    • Kelli

      Yay! Yorba Linda is well represented on there! 🙂

    • Jenn

      It might be us… Stanton is around the corner – I don’t know anyone who lives there but I guess we could be routed that way.

    • Kelli

      I was jealous of this Stanton business at first. But I agree – I think you guys are being routed through there. 🙂

    • Ryan

      At first I was shocked with Stanton too, but then I figured it has to be Jeff and Jenn. I’m trying to get Irvine on there. YEAH!

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