Is it just me, or does it sound crazy that in one month I’ll be a married woman?  That’s right men: off the market, all his!  Lets be real I was all his the moment I laid eyes on him.  What a man I have.  I’m actually excited.  I keep telling Jeff I’m scared.  Really, I’m not.. well… kinda.  Not to be with him for forever but to get everything that needs to be done, done before the day comes!  I keep thinking of other things:

mine is NOT blank =P

1. Cake topper – how sad would it be if I didn’t have one?
2. Gifties for my girls – I have some, gotta put it all together
3. Figure out what the heck I’m going to do with my hair
4. Finish Centerpieces
5. Do name place cards

And there is so much more!  And frankly I haven’t had time with teaching, tutoring, and trying to get photos done for couples like Kelli and Ryan, and Elena and John who have both been waiting too long.  I napped for two hours yesterday when I should have been working on a sign in book for me and Jeff – but I did get it done that evening and estimated ship date is the 30th, so that’s something to breath a sigh of relief over.

School is making me nuts.  Not because the kids are insane (though let’s face it, what 8th grader isn’t?) but because I feel like I don’t have time to sit and plan and my mind is just so fragmented and multitasking all the time.  I actually had 3 offers for more tutoring this week too! It pains me to say no, but I have so much to do.  Doesn’t everyone know I’m getting married in a month?

Today is tutoring followed by a meeting with Brother Jon about the ceremony, tomorrow is tutoring then a dress fitting then girl time with Kelli while Jeff is at his Bachelor party, Saturday will be a tangled mess of fighting with Jeff about what REALLY happened at the party followed by decisions about a cruise we are taking next summer, and Sunday I’ll want to rest but I’ll have to plan for the week ahead!

I’m in complaining mode everyday and it kinda sucks.  I want to be as cheerful as I was last month.  I am so thrilled to have this job!  I just need to not be doing a million other things.  But the wedding is the most fun and exciting part of it all, so I’m not letting that stress me out.  I can’t wait to marry Jeff and give him his special zero anniversary gifty and see all my friends and family and DANCE.

Wish me luck on everything!

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