Now there are 2 planning the proposal

Laura_MagoonYesterday afternoon I contacted on of Jenn’s good friends, Laura.  She was on her way home from Ventura when we talked about exactly how we want to coordinate the proposal event.  She had some ideas about exactly how to get Jenn out of the house for the day.  I think things will work out great now that I have a partner in crime.  Many thanks to Laura for her help and enthusiasm thus far.  I am not going to be able to pull this off without her.

Laura told me that Jenn and her were planning on doing something after Laura was done with med school finals in late May.  This could work out to my benefit with planning the proposal.  Laura and Jenn can go shopping and then to dinner/dancing.  Little would Jenn know that the dinner was at West with a wedding proposal. Laura and I continue to plan and I wish her luck on finals in the coming weeks.

Jeff McNeil

Born in Irvine, grew up in Anaheim,child of the world. Married to the love of my life Jennifer McNeil.

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