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23rd Jul2015

Nightly Routine

by Jeff McNeil

tbp567812_v0_lEvery night before Jenn and I go to bed, Jenn and I have had a little routine.  First I put some lotion on her belly to help hydrate her skin for the impending expansion.  Then I tell the baby, “Good night baby.  I hope you had a good day.  Please be nice to your mama and let her sleep well tonight, okay?  I love you.  Sweet dreams”  I then kiss the tummy and rub the belly.  I then tell Jenn the same thing, but ya know with more kissing 🙂  I wish her sweet dreams and that I hope she has a good day at work tomorrow.

It is nice to be talking to the baby already, even though he/she doesn’t have ears just yet.  It helps me feel part of the process to do this each night.  And the times when Jenn really has had a long day, I have some lavender lotion to rub on her upper chest to help her sleep though the night.  The changes to her body have left her with a very unusual sleeping schedule that we are trying to bring back into the norms.  If you ask me, I think the lotions are working.


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