09th Jun2010

New Shirt and Tie. Who likes it?

by Jeff McNeil
Lavender Tie & Shirt

Proposal Shirt & TIe

During my lunch break today I went to Macy’s and found what I think will be a good new shirt and tie.  I wanted a Perry Ellis Portofino shirt like the one I wore at Sarah and Evan’s wedding.  However neither Macy’s or Nordstrom had the brand and style.  Oh there was plenty of Perry, just no Portofino style. So I settled for this Geoffrey Beene shirt.  I felt since it had Jeffrey in the name (even thought it is the unauthorized way to spell Jeffrey) it was more fitting, pardon the pun.  This is where I need help people… does the tie go well with it? I need to know.  Please register with the website to post your comments.  I would really appreciate it.

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