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04th May2010

My first thoughts on how I am going to propose…

by Jeff McNeil


Hotel Angeleno

Hotel Angeleno

So I have been thinking over the past 2 years about exactly how to propose to Jenn.  I have the following ideas:

It would start with a limo pickup of her friend Laura under the pre-text of a day of shopping and dinner/dancing paid for by my new promotion at work.  The limo will then pick up Jenn at the apartment and take the two of them to a shopping center. Which shopping center depends on what locations have all the stores to provide a completely new outfit for Jenn to be wearing when I propose that night at dinner.  I will provide a gift card to Laura with enough money to cover a new dress, shoes, hair/makeup and accessories for Jenn.  I will also give a little to Laura to enjoy the day and not just be a chaperon.  I am hoping to find a mall with a WhiteHouse/BlackMarket, nail and hair salon and Macy’s.  The girls will have all afternoon to get pretty and dressed up.  Jenn will think it is for a nice dinner and then going to a lounge/club in Hollywood to party.

West Restaurant & Lounge

West Restaurant & Lounge

The limo will take them to West a restaurant on the 17th floor of Hotel Angeleno in Los Angeles.  It is the round looking hotel next to the 405 freeway near the Getty Center.  I love the views from high floor restaurants.  There once was a restaurant called “Windows” at the top of the former Transamerica building in downtown Los Angeles that I loved to go to.  However now that restaurant has been converted into several top floor condos.  Other restaurants which were under consideration were Encounter at LAX (the alien looking building) and a steak house LA Prime on the top of the Los Angeles Bonaventure Hotel.  I chose West because of the view of the freeway and Westwood.  Jenn and Laura will meet me and Jenn’s mom Marge for dinner at West where I will propose as she arrives at the table.  We will all have a lovely dinner, talk, laugh and enjoy the view.

After dinner, Marge will drive Laura home and Jenn and I will stay at the Hotel Angeleno for the night and drive home in my car the next day.  Breakfast in bed, relaxing by the pool and being together on our first day of the rest of our lives together.  This is my plan, this is my hope and I hope to have it pulled together soon.

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