11th Jun2010

More gifts than just the ring

by Jeff McNeil

So on my lunch break today I went to Target to pick up some small proposal day gifts that Jenn might enjoy.  I really needed to get a bag to present them in along with some tissue paper.  I can’t wrap anything at home because I know Jenn will find it and ask me what it is for.  I have been lucky enough to have her give me space for this “National Jenn Day” planning.

At Target I got a white & black bag similar to the one shown, it is stuffed with purple tissue paper.  I have put in it the Bridal Instruction book, a nice pearlized silver 5×7 frame for her to put a photo of the night in, a custom post-it dispenser for her at home use.  We use post-its for our to-do list on the bathroom mirror.  She is also going to get the little Lego bride and groom along with the Lego photographers.  A useful and fun little gift pack I hope.  She is of course getting the engagement ring and wedding band so that is the BIG gift.  I hope this little gift helps her out of the surprised/happy crying stage and into the lighthearted and fun stage.

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