07th Jun2010

Limo as good as done

by Jeff McNeil
6 Passenger Limo

6 Passenger Limo

So my final part of the planning for the proposal night has been set in motion.  I just spoke with Jason at Affordable Limos and he has given me a great price quote far better than anything I have seen yet.  I await his reply e-mail to confirm everything but I am excited.  I feel that if this all goes well in 2 weeks I will be so relived.  First of all I will be so relived if at 2pm Laura and Jenn leave the apartment.  No baby please Sarah, not before June 20th.  The limo will be a sight for sore eyes when it arrives on June 19th.  I am going to be reserved and not say anything, I am just going to say goodbye and have a fun night. Then frantically pull everything together I need for the night and go to the Hotel Angeleno to meet up with James later that day.  My heart is racing right now as I think about all this stuff going on.

Next, get the ring in the apartment so I don’t forget about it and have the bank be closed.

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